Friday, March 20, 2009

Miles From Nowhere by Barbara Savage

If you're looking for inspiration and motivation, then Miles from Nowhere should be within your queue of books.  The true story recounts a 2 year round the world bicycle trip by newlyweds, Barbara & Larry Savage.  Along the way, they not only encounter and overcome unique physical obstacles, but also conquer tremendous mental and emotional challenges.  While at times their frustrations and tensions seem to get the better of them, they inevitably form a stronger bond than either individual could have ever imagined.

The journey begins with their experiences in bicycling from California across the northern route of the United States and down to Florida.  From the States, they continue their adventure in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, England, Scotland, parts of Eastern Europe, Egypt, India, and eventually in New Zealand.  The cultural shock and treatment that they experience and receive along their journey ultimately defines their perception of life and how to appropriately appreciate what you have as well as how to live fully and with an open mind.

While the pair did return back to the States safely, Barbara Savage unfortunately passed away as the book went to press due to traumatic injuries from a bicycling accident.  This book serves to function as a tribute to her vitality, her lifelong dream, sense of adventure, confidence, dedication, love and passion for her bicycling journeys as well as for her family and friends.