Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Travel Bug, You Make Me Sick.. in a Good Way

Well, we can't excuse our way out of the inexcusable hiatus that was[not] posting to 3 Troopin' Travelers throughout the second half of 2009.. however, 2010 is shaping up to look like a respectable year for traveling. With a variety of weddings and a couple of international trips on the horizon, we should be able to share some unique tips and stories with you over the next few months. If you've continued to visit our blog, even without consistently updated content being posted, then we do thank you and sincerely appreciate your loyalty.

In short, here is where 2010 may find us:

  • Vermont
  • Los Angeles
  • New York (upstate.. oh yeah!)
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • ...And hopefully many other locales!

As always, suggestions are welcome.. oh, and donations too :).

Happy 2010!