Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Getting Acquainted with Jet Lag

Dread flying because of the aftermath often associated with long flights? Read more about this physiological condition in Jet Lag Demystified.

Safe travels & Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Journey to Cam...elot?

This is a post contributed by our good friend, Erin Riccio. Who says the journey of creating a life isn't a traveling tale on its own? Here is part 1 of her trip to producing young Cameron Riccio...

Expedition: Pregnancy - Part 1

I was so excited to hear that “3 Troopin’ Travelers” was being resurrected. While I am not one to follow many blogs, this was a blog I read religiously. Mostly because I think the writers are some of the funniest, smartest and wittiest people. I know firsthand, since I lived with all of them at one point or another. Those were some of the best years of my life, except for when they would leave me to go travel the world. While I was home alone, scared of a rapist climbing in my bedroom window, they were off in places like Argentina, Morocco and Paris.

One of the last real trips I went on was to San Diego to visit Lil’ Boozie of the 3 Troopin’ Travelers. It was a quick, fun, last minute type of trip to reunite with a good friend. My journey was complete with a few too many drinks at an airport bar, a bar crawl, a trip to the Hotel del Coronado for some (more) drinks, and of course, some Domino’s pizza. Two weeks after I got home, I found out I was pregnant, and that is where my next journey began. A very sober, 9+ months with a messy, painful, ridiculously good-looking end. Since pregnancy the only trek I have been on lately, I decided to write about it for 3 Troopin’ Travelers.

My pregnancy was a breeze. I felt great, and loved watching my belly grow bigger and bigger. Even the hormones worked in my favor. Instead of being irritated and irrational like most pregnant woman, the surge in hormones made me overly happy, and giggly. I thought everything was 10 times funnier than it actually was. Anything remotely entertaining resulted in a full on fit of laughter. My husband, John, never felt so good. He started considering a new career as a standup comedian. Things were great. So great, that it’s difficult to remember the first 3.5 months, when everything made me sick, and I threw up every day. I want to be pregnant again one day, so I am trying to erase that part from my memory.

The best part of my pregnancy excursion, aside from being a walking miracle, was all the weird food I gave myself free reign to eat. I wanted to eat barbecue potato chips dipped in ketchup? Don’t judge, I am having a “pregnancy craving”. I ate a whole pizza by myself? Well, I am growing a human life in my belly. I ate a giant pot of Kraft Mac & Cheese mixed with peas and carrots? Why not, my BABY is hungry. It was so fun! No one needed to know these were meals I would be eating anyway, in secret. Now I had no shame!

I could write all day about my love of strange foods, but I will cut myself off right there. In the conclusion of Expedition: Pregnancy, I will weave the tale of birthing a human. Stay tuned!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Organization Awareness: The 1010 Project

Similar to NEST, The 1010 Project facilitates a cause aimed toward breaking the cycle of poverty; specifally, in Kenya. By building relationships and partnerships with individuals and creative people throughout the world, the vision of The 1010 Project is to end poverty and famine worldwide.

To learn more about this Denver-based nonprofit organization, watch the following documentary.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'll Give You A British Tip... Or Will I?

Here in the United States, if you don't tip a bartender, a waiter, a taxi driver, a delivery driver, for take-out.. the list goes on.. then you're essentially exiled from your community. Or at least temporarily from your social circle. In my wise old age, however, I've adopted the attitude that "if the service sucks, why should I pay extra for the overly priced [insert whatever] anyway?"

Well, perhaps I should move to England where tipping at bars is not customary. Yes, that would be brilliant! Since those are the establishments that I tend to frequent anyway, I might as well capitalize on the hundreds per year that I throw down the drain at such watering holes. However, while it is rare, I'd assume the extra cash is greatly appreciated.

Here are a few other tips to consider if you plan on visiting the land of the Queen Mum:

  • If you're ready for the bill, simply call the waiter by feigning a motion of writing your name on a piece of paper with both hands.
  • Never stare; privacy is sacred.
  • Although movies often depict British athletes as loud and crazy, such behavior is considered extremely rude.
  • Never cut in line. Think about how you feel when this happens to you in the United States, and then multiply it by 10.

If you have any other British behavioral tips that you'd care to share, please leave a comment.. We're willing to digest all of the knowledge that we can get.

Friday, November 25, 2011

D-Lux Events: Organization Awareness

To continue with the theme of non-profit highlighting on Fridays, please get acquainted with D-Lux Events, a San Diego-based company that focuses on creating charitable events for local causes.

Under the direction of the energetic and passionate Meeshie Nguyen, the goal of D-Lux Events is to increase exposure for local charities in an effort to promote missions and positively impact donations made to these organizations.

If you're local to San Diego and want to assist D-Lux Events in furthering its mission, contribute here.

If you're a global or local non-profit and you'd like us to plug your mission, simply leave a comment and we'll work you into our schedule!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gobble, Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving! This year, I am thankful for many things.. but mostly, after speaking with my brother, for God putting 3,000 miles between me and the Hai. Although from what I understand, Thanksgiving Eve was a bit more low-key this year.. making me even more grateful that I opted to remain on the west coast and indulge in hours of reality TV last night rather than table-dancing in one of Ltown's most notable hot-spots.

Anyway, wishing you & yours a safe, happy, healthy and bloated Turkey Day!

Weird? Or Patriotic? You be the judge...


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Here, Boy...

As westerners, we're used to receiving the hairy eyeball and beckoning call from our parents or guardians when we've been found guilty or done something wrong. The mere symbol of being summoned by the curl of the pointer finger released from a closed fist is enough to spark a flood of memories from my childhood. What? Just because I was cute didn't mean that I could get away with EVERYTHING.

Also termed the 'dog call', this motion is considered supremely insulting, and acceptable ONLY for our canine companions in the Philippines. And beware, my friends; for if you're found guilty of committing this "crime", being arrested is the least of your worries.. Others have not been as fortunate and have actually had their index fingers broken or cut off to ensure that the offense does not happen again!