Friday, December 5, 2008

Recent NEST Plugs

Not to change the focus of this blog to all things NEST, but I did promise to reserve Fridays for plugging non profit organizations and companies promoting social responsibility. And being involved in one of many successful charitable causes, exposing its press is one of my civic duties, isn't it?

Check out the following sites & articles for recent NEST love:

Unfortunately, the Country Living link does not direct to the specific article. My cooperative little iBook is having too much fun with trickery to allow me to grab the actual URL. And if I sit here and try to outsmart it, then Mr. iBook G4 (I know it's a man because who else would get me all worked up like this!) might find himself smashed through a glass coffee table.

Ahem, anyway, cheers to NEST & its recent accomplishments!

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