Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dominican Dreaming

Last week, I experienced my first island adventure.. well, other than Nantucket and Coronado. No offense to either as they are both absolutely beautiful and unique places, but the Dominican Republic represented my first trip to white sand beaches and clear blue waters. I felt like I was in a Corona commercial.. except the beach buzz was fueled by banana daiquiris and Presidente beers. While we weren't exactly roughing it or participating in a true sense of travel, it was still nothing short of amazing. I'm not one for swimming, but I am definitely one for appreciating the beauty of natural scenery.

I won't babble on about my experiences in this post, but will leave you with some captivating imagery instead.. enjoy!

Ocean view at Paradisus Palma Real
Beach at Paradisus Palma Real
Beach tents at Paradisus Palma Real
Hidden beach bed at Paradisus Palma Real

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Molly said...

Looks warm and relaxing. It's April in Boston, the only thing keeping me alive is the fact that the Red Sox just had opening day.