Friday, September 12, 2008

An Irish Bar in Portugal

Irish bars are like mosquitoes in wet, dark wooded areas - they're everywhere. I had intended to use another analogy, but opted against it for the sake of being politically correct. Apparently I was programmed with some sort of ethical code..

On our virgin night in Lagos, we did decide to sample the local fare. The happening scene was about a 15 minute walk from Vilabranca, and we began our march to town just as the sun was going down. It was so romantic.. aside from the fact that I was with 3 of my female friends that I'm not intimately interested in.. no offense, lassies. Adega da Marina In any case, we decided to follow the native crowd and wait in line at Adega da Marina, a barn-turned-restaurant renowned for its steak & egg cuisine, reasonable prices, large portions, & keyboard player. I mean, this guy can really tickle the ivories. Following suit, I ordered the Grade A entree along with the rest of my dinner-mates, but all I could think about was Dr. Seuss, green eggs, & a juicy slice from the rump of a boar. To be honest, I expected to just go through the motions, taste the meal, despise it, and chug loads of wine.. BUT, it truly was a delectable dish with more flavor than I'd anticipated. Fast forward to the end of dinner, and picture us rollin' .. into Mullens!

Maybe it was Molly and her magnetic, Irish force or maybe it was the desire to listen to good old-fashioned Irish / American drinking songs, whilst improvising some sweet chair-dancing moves..

Mullens - I don't know?

Regardless, Mullens proved to be a place with cheaper drinks & lots of atmosphere. As we finished last call, we met a group of handsome, Portuguese men. Mom, Dad: EARMUFFS. I might have had some luck with the lads that evening - it really set the bar for the rest of the trip. Sort of.

And I'm still planning on upholding my promise of scenic Lagos pictures.. just experiencing some technical difficulties.. is this thing on? My future offspring better appreciate my sense of humor.


Jennifer said...

Suz, that is so the opposite of Grody Jenner!

Ridic. Sounds fantastic! (I couldn't figure out how to abbrev that one...)

Lil' Boozie said...

Jennifer, thank you for your comments. Can you elaborate on what you consider to be the opposite of Grody Jenner - particular to the post?