Monday, September 22, 2008

The Picking of Apples

I do love apple picking. I try to go every fall, since there's nothing more traditional if you live in New England than picking apples in the fall. Being that it's September, my sister and I decided we should pick. It was a nice day out, Macintosh apples (best kind ever) were said to be in season, and the only other thing we wanted to do besides pick was nap. And while napping can be quite glorious on a Saturday afternoon, we decided to motivate ourselves to be productive and pick apples. My sister took us to this amazing orchard called Lyman Orchards in Middlefield, CT. It is giant, and not only do they have apples, but they also have peaches, pears, pumpkins, variApple Pickingous other fruits, a corn maze, and frisbee golf (fun!). Though at this place you could spend all day trekking through the orchards, we were not quite so energetic. My sister manuevered us via car to where the Macintoshes grow (they have different lots close to the types of apples you want) and we parked. After grabbing a picking bag, we walked to the first tree we saw and shockingly it was a Macintosh. Yay! This tree was full of apples (see photo). Literally every apple was perfect (I don't even kid). I'd never seen Skiddies picks more applesanyth
ing like it. We ended up filling our bags at this one beautiful tree and then walked the 20 ft back to the checkout and paid (cash only fyi! (my sister didn't have enough money)). Though doing this may make you feel lazy, don't worry about it, because you've still gone apple picking! And be sure to take pictures as proof of your apple picking fun!

Here is a link to some orchards in the Boston area:

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Molly said...

I believe the correct term for frisbee golf is Frolf...get it straight SKIDDIES!! Ha