Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sagres: It's More Than a Beer

Long, winding roads roaming among the purest of landscapes. Lush, green fields complete with grazing animals and a mosaic of beautiful flora. Quaint villages with a real sense of community. Invigorating scents of natural freshness. All of these elements led to Sagres, the southwestern-most point in Europe.

To put it simply, Sagres did more than just pacify my sense of wonder & imagination. It sounds extremely cliche, but I honestly didn't understand how fulfilling looking out into the vast ocean could truly be. Sun reflecting across the irridescent waters, we were barred by nothing except the edge of enourmous cliffs. It seems as though most elevated coastal views in the US are outlined by some sort of fencing - now, I'm not against safety, but the natural outline of the landscape quietly stated that Sagres was anything but a tourist attraction. Even if by the common definition of the term, it just may be.

A sneak peak at some prime rib views of the namesake of a delicious brew:

Fortaleza de Sagres
*Defenders of the Fortaleza de Sagres!

Sagres Cliffs
*Imposing cliffs of Sagres..

*Voila! The photo that made us famous. Thank you, Improper Bostonian!

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