Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tangier to Marrakech: Chow Before You Ciao

"Excuse me, let me turn up my miracle ear.. you want me to eat what??"

Dangling pig carcasses. Skinned chickens. "Foods" that resembled insects I dissected in my high school biology class.

Tangier MedinaOh no.. it wasn't any of these delicacies. For me, it was much worse..

Granted my appetite was essentially eradicated after walking through the Medina in Tangier, I knew that it would be [at minimum] another 10 hours before we were able to eat a substantial meal. My travel companions were sort of relying on me to decipher the menu as I was the only one with a relatively extensive background in French. Visions of "poulet" kept running through my head. Apparently after 7 years of not practicing a language, it's pretty obvious to everyone around you that you're not the genius you thought you were. We finally surrendered, and asked our guide for assistance.. after all, 6 hungry girls are nothing to mess around with.. we think we've ordered something similar to a chicken kabob. Six sub-like sandwiches and a 10 minute van ride later, we arrive at the Tangier train station.

First things first: plop rear on ground. Don't even feign eating like a lady. It's just you and the sandwich - have your way with it. Unwrap said sandwich and sink your chompers into highly anticipated "hoagie".

Initially, there is silence. Seconds later, there is an unsuspecting sango sliding across the floor.

"Um, what's Suz freaking out about now?"


Ding, ding. This sammy was covered in my most despised condiment. A dollop, I might have been able to look past.. but this thing was painted with my arch-enemy. I can't even write the word without imagining the smell and, in turn, reflexively cringing. I tried to pick out the random fries that were also an ingredient in this creation, but I just couldn't do it.. my nemesis and I were mug to mug. And I had a snowball's chance in hell of winning the battle.

My Arch-Nemesis *Note: This is a sandwich. This was not my sandwich. This was a sandwich with "lite" mayo.

At least we have a comfortable couchette to look forward to.. I'll just sleep away the hunger.

Sure. Sure, I will..


Evelyn said...

What food resembled an insect??? Your spaghetti does not count!

Lil' Boozie said...

Sweet, sweet Ev.. to be honest, it might have just been cartons and cartons full of dates.. but at that point, I had already drifted off into a world of disillusion.