Thursday, October 9, 2008

South Bend to Boston: The Long Way Home

After a sleepless night in our cold RV, it was time to head to the field of the Fighting Irish. We picked up a few extra travel companions during the night.. I think because of the need for body heat. In any case, one of our guests did something we had forbidden before the trip in our tiny RV bathroom. To this day, the culprit will not come forward so we've accrued a plethora of twisted toilet theories. None of which I need to mention here - I do need to maintain some sort of integrity.

Pregaming, a big BC win, and many hours later, game day had come and gone. I don't need to get into specifics. After all, this is a travel blog not a tailgating blog. Although I do enjoy the latter activity almost as much as the former.

Fast-forward to 1 hour into the trip home. It's dark. Everyone's tired. Most people are hung-over as hell. The anticipation and excitement of the trip has lost its charm. We all secretly wish we had the ability to teleport. No one wants to steer this large vehicle anymore. Lucky me had never signed up for that task. My poor eye-sight and questionable driving skills quickly erased me from the driving line-up. We've spent enough quality time with each other for the rest of senior year. Is graduation tomorrow? Just kidding. I never once wished for that.. and in hindsight, really wish that Cher had found a way to turn back time.

We spent the night in Gates Mills again. Is this Groundhog Day? Why am I now Jekyll instead of Hyde? Do I really like the idea of this road trip? Do I even like to travel? Who signed my permission slip? After feeling like a caged animal for what seemed like years.. and just when we thought things couldn't get any worse.. CRASH.

Were we on the highway?


Did we tango with a wild animal?


Did we pull out of a gas station and hit a cement block?


Was the driver at the time on the driving insurance contract thingy?


Was the driver me?


That's all beside the point. We did arrive back in Boston in one piece. We got some sleep, loved each other again, used a real bathroom.. and the fact of that matter is: if I could do it all over again, would I?

Without a doubt.. one of the best trips of my life.

Oh, and I didn't really feel any of the negative emotions listed above - I love my friends dearly and only wish that Bacon would have been there to partake in the festivities.


Anonymous said...

hmmm...I don't remember a crash...I think it was more like a pronlonged scraaappeee...time seemed to stop for several minutes when it was more like 5 seconds.

Lil' Boozie said...

You wouldn't care to reveal yourself, Anonymous?

Fine, a long scrape. It was simply exaggerated for effect.

Molly said...

Sweet shout out to Groundhog Day...are you sure you weren't driving at the time of the accident? I'm just saying I could see it being you.