Wednesday, October 1, 2008

San Diego: A Whale's..

I couldn't resist. If you don't know the saying, then I'm sure you can come up with something creative. I'll give you a hint, essentially much of what I reference will be Will Ferrell inspired. Or a direct quotation from Zoolander.

Other than fictionally translating to the genitalia of a sea creature [except maybe in the case of the sperm whale], San Diego hands-down boasts one of the most awe-inspiring coastal landscapes in the west. It's the only cross-country destination I've visited more than twice, and the only city in which I've sported a bathing suit since my 10th birthday. Ok, ok - I jest. I never wore traditional swimwear in good ole Diego.

In the handful of times that I've had the pleasure of basking in the southern California sun - hoodie and all, I'd have to say that the most memorable visit was during the summer of 2005. Reason being, my two female friends and I met some strapping Australian lads at Petco Park while taking in a Padres vs. Reds ballgame. There's nothing like some Aussie spirit to really get you motivated.

Prior to meeting these fine folks, we made the drive of our lives. After having flown into Long Beach by way of Jet Blue, we were fortunate enough to be hooked up with a very cheap rental car courtesy of a friend of a friend. The exchange was very Sopranos-esque. I just realized that after Molly's scam reference in her most recent post, we're beginning to sound like a bunch of delinquents. I promise you that there is only a small degree of truth to that theory. In any case, we were afforded the opportunity of cruising down the Cali coast in a Sebring convertible. I realize those are no longer cool whips, but at the time, we were living the dream.

Having our way with the highways of California - including the infamous '5' / Pacific Coast Highway - we flashed our wheels through the affluent areas of surfer-saturated Huntington Beach, wealthy Newport Beach, and even wealthier Laguna Beach. Clearly, Laguna Beach was a large thrill for us as our trip happened to coincide with the height of the popular MTV reality series of the same name. I can't speak for myself, but I know that Tine & JazzFace were subtly keeping their eyes glued to the scene, hoping to get a glimpse of Lauren Conrad. We're kind of like Peter Pan - we'll never grow up [neither will this guy? - make your own judgment call on this one]..

In any case, if you ever get the chance to travel to SoCal, I'd highly recommend making this 2 hour journey. It didn't hurt that it was 85 degs and sunny from point A to point B. Of course, be sure to check out Long Beach rental car prices before you commit. Unfortunately, we can't trust past experiences / costs when considering today's flourishing economy.

Chicks cruisin the Cali coast

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