Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sintra: A Small City with Rich Tradition

In my opinion, the title of this post really captures the essence of the village of idyllic Sintra. Before arriving in this quaint Portuguese municipality, we were informed by a friend with the same last name that Sintra better be our favorite destination in Portugal. I've already shared my affinity for Lagos, but this beautiful town in the district of Lisbon was my favorite for different reasons. It boasts many historic landmarks as well as a colorful, close-knit community and culture. It is also where all of my other traveling companions fell in love with Portuguese chourico [chorizo].

My words may not do Sintra justice, but the following images might..

Sintra street
*Please ignore our "outfits". All of our baggage was lost until later that night. The street cafe in the background was where our [minus me] meaty obsession mentioned above was birthed.

Sintra countryside
*Countryside view from the grounds of Sintra's National Palace, or the Palacio Nacional de Sintra.

Palacio Nacional de Sintra
*View from the main courtyard outside of the Palacio Nacional de Sintra.

Palacio de Pena
*Pena Palace, or the Palacio de Pena, which has been described as a Disney-esque castle because of its color scheme.

Pena Palace Grounds
*View of the intricate architecture inside the grounds of the Palacio de Pena.


Meriel said...

I cannot believ I missed this trip-O!

Catherine said...

I loved Sintra! I felt like I was in the middle of Lord of the Rings. I also drank too much port there. I've never touched it again. I think it may be haunted.
Thanks for the heads up on the Bacon blog.

Lil' Boozie said...

Mer- I know.. would have been pretty hilarious if you, Hillz & Chaser were also trekking on camels with us. Next time, for sure!

Cath- "Lord of the Rings" is an interesting analogy, but I smell what you're stepping in.. although, I'd tend to favor the Disney-esque atmosphere a bit more heavily. Oh, and: EAT YOUR BACON!