Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Holiday Bacon Treat

I wanted to take a moment to recognize my good friend, Catherine. An avid reader and frequent commenter on our blog, I often refer to my Seattle-based pal as "Bacon". Why? Well, because she's a vegetarian.. obviously. In fact, for her most recent birthday, I chose to demonstrate my happiness for Bacon by honoring her with Bacon Beans and some other pig-related knick knacks that I found at Newbury Comics. Who knew that they'd have such a vast selection of carnivorous* trinkets?! I was in heaven. Unlike many meat virgins, she accepted my insensitivity with a smile & a laugh. Now, that's the sign of a true friend.

Anyway, while it's not necessarily travel-related, Bacon maintains a blog of her own. It's a place where she shares her deepest thoughts & passions, her life experiences, her appreciation for the simple things, and her infinite wisdom & open mind. Without someone like Catherine in my life, then I might be flying far above the clouds.. probably roasting myself on that there fiery ball of heat in the sky.. but instead, she helps to keep me grounded. Even if she is 3,000 miles away.

If you're ever looking for a daily dose of reality & truth, then visit Cchicken's Weblog. You might be curious about the name. Her devoted husband, Joe [a.k.a. Eggs.. whatever, I'm not that original], often refers to her as "sea chicken" or "c - chicken".

Such a unique term of endearment. It's weird, I agree.

*I know they're omnivores, but I just really wanted to contrast the identity of Bacon.

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Catherine said...

Thanks, Boozle! Oddly, I feel as though our BLOGGING keeps us more connected. Even though I strongly oppose much of the new technology that keeps us attached to our IPhones, instead of enjoying the dinner we are currently sitting at. It's fun to see what other people think about on a daily basis:)

cant wait to see you soon- be in boston for the holidays???