Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted for Obama

I am sharing this statement for one simple reason: I would really like to stop pretending that I am Canadian when I am traveling in foreign countries - pretty, pretty, pretty please. Some might question my decision to deny my nationality. I guess it has been that look I have been getting the last 5 years (or so) when I tell people that I am from the United States: contempt. Contempt for us greedy Americans who think that we can invade countries without just cause, and don't really seem to respect other cultures. While I do love taking the opportunity to prove not all Americans agree with the current administration's approach to foreign affairs, I just can't seem to get over that initial reaction.

I've been reading about, participating in, and listening to the campaigns and policies for each candidate over the last months, and I am much more confident that Barack Obama will do a better job righting the view of our country around the world. While McCain will be a definite improvement over Bush (I would be an improvement over Bush), I also feel that he would be much more willing to use force where Obama would be willing to use diplomacy. Less areas where there are military conflicts means MORE places for us to visit. I also feel that many foreigners really won't be able to distinguish between the two administrations, and a negative attitude would remain. Don't even get me started about Sarah Palin - she not only seems to cringe when talking about stepping foot out of Wasilla, AK, but also seems to have a disdain for the entire Northeast of the United States. You know, where all the "Unreal" Americans live. Maybe if McCain wins, then I can tell people I'm from the United States of Unreal America.

We need a CHANGE. Vote tonight if you haven't already.


Lil' Boozie said...

You've inspired me, Smollz. I like traveling. I'm heading out to vote for Obama right now.

Molly said...

I truly hope that I'm not hearing sarcasm! As long as you get out and vote, I'll respect you! Though I'll respect you forever if you vote for Obama (haha).

Lil' Boozie said...

No lies.. after seeing how much McCain/Palin signage was spread throughout Ltown, I figured that my voice had to be heard.