Thursday, November 13, 2008

An Irish Bar in Roma

Further proof that every city around the world has at least one Irish pub (see: An Irish Bar in Portugal)...Rome refused to be the exception to this rule. They started appearing immediately across the street from our hotel, Duca D'Alba. I think I'll save my "the hotel my parents decided to have us stay at is a prostitute hangout" story for a Sunday, God's day.

Out and about I wouldn't even be looking for Irish pubs, and they seemed to pop-up out of nowhere. Stroll the Spanish Steps I was even able to find an Irish pub with the same name as the university that I was attending in Dublin: Trinity College Bar.

Taken on an Irish side street? Heck no! That's an Italian strada (that's Italian for road).


Lil' Boozie said...

Um, I don't know if it's actually considered proper blogging etiquette for me to consistently comment on my own blog; but I just wanted you to know, MOLLY, that I did laugh out loud about "God's Day". It's a shame you're not this funny in reality.. ho, hum.

Meriel said...

SO true about Irish pubs everywhere! And thank goodness!

We hung at St Patrick's in Valencia, Spain so often that they threw an xmas party for the american exchange students!