Monday, November 17, 2008

Remembering Amsterdam

I wish I could.

I jest. A couple of month's back, Molly recounted her experience in Amsterdam. While mine does share some similar elements, I knew that remaining there for any time longer than one weekend could potentially lead to a shortened trip abroad. Or trippin' life. Excuse me, trip - in - life.

Now, my timing on this post might not actually complement the assertions I made in my recent Space Needle post, but again.. I never said that timing was my thing. In fact, my entire life is essentially backwards. Ask my friends - I peaked in middle school. Ok, too far off topic.. I'll save those stories for some therapist.

Sadly, while Amsterdam is rich in culture & history, I cannot clearly recollect visiting any of its museums or landmarks aside from the Anne Frank House. I blame this on the fact that it was 7 years ago.. not because I might have accidentally nibbled on some sort of galaxy related dessert. Hitting the sack by 7p on both evenings of our visit didn't leave very much time to experience Amsterdam's nightlife, but something tells me that that outcome might have been better for my 5'1" frame.

I remember..

  • Ice-skating at the Heineken Factory .. no, no I don't think that ever happened.
  • Admiring Van Gogh's works of art .. or was I just painting with all of the colors of the wind?
  • Riding a bike through the cobblestone streets .. or was I just stoned? Obviously not. I was sleeping with my eyes open.
  • Having a cup of coffee at the Bulldog .. or maybe it was some other form of liquid courage?

Going to Amsterdam in your 20s is an official rite of passage in my book. Please keep all judgments to yourself.


Melanie said...

Indeed, Suz. Visiting Amsterdam in your 20s is the new drug conviction in Thailand...

My hubby and I had a lovely, ridiculously-far-from-wild visit to Amsterdam over Christmas 2003, and we loved wandering the twinkly canals at night; the weekend flea market; the ornate silver collection at the Rijksmuseum; gouda-tastic-ness; and the surprisingly amazing Amsterdam Historical Museum.

We went light on the Red Light District and the brown cafes, and found Amsterdam totally art-focused, liveable and eco-friendly. Who knew?

Lil' Boozie said...

Thank you for contributing something useful to this post, Melanie!

Although my post suggests that I actually colored outside of the lines, this is barely true.. I just needed to lead some of our audience members on :).

I'd love to go back now that I have a friend originally from the area. I'm sure she'd show me the appropriate ropes!