Friday, November 7, 2008

Primary Source: Organization Awareness

In a prior discussion about interpreting body language, we had been wondering about coalitions or organizations that prepped & educated US teachers about cultural differences. Well, oddly enough, I was reading an email this morning from our NEST founder, Rebecca Kousky, and we may be doing an event with an organization dedicated to educating teachers for global understanding. The organization: Primary Source.

Primary Source focuses on professional development for K-12 teachers in History and Humanities. The organization connects educators with people in cultures all over the world. By providing learning opportunities, curriculum resources for K-12 educators, and introducing global content, Primary Source enables and shapes the way educators & students learn. This concept helps to form the basis for a deeper knowledge and more flexible thinking leading to more open-minded & enriched discussions.

Founded in 1989, Primary Source is led today by Executive Director, Kathy Ennis. The organization offers learning opportunities in the content areas of Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and the United States. With a concentrated focus on educators in the New England area, Primary Source maintains a partnership with 45 schools and school districts.

Get involved with Primary Source to see how you can significantly impact the efforts to globalize the K-12 curriculum in your district. All that is required is a passion for education.

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