Friday, November 14, 2008

Seattle: Shooting Up with a Space Needle!

I typically reserve Fridays for preaching about social responsibility & global non profit organizations, but I have a tiny surprise that I want to share with you today instead. Though my post title might suggest dirty habits, I promise that the Space Needle photos you're about to indulge in will pacify your fears about my [lack of] substance abuse.

My pal, Ben from Seattle, was kind enough to give me access to pieces of his artistic genius. If you like what you see, then stay tuned! I will be adding a link to Ben's Flickr page once he updates his account.


Space Needle Black & White

Space Needle Sky View

Space Needle Puddle Reflection
Seattle Space Needle


Meriel said...

Really nice pics! Molly and I hit up the top of the space needle on our trip to Seattle. It was definitely a worth while excursion.

Lil' Boozie said...

Thank you [on behalf of Ben]!

For whatever reason, we never journeyed to the top of the Space Needle whilst I was in Seattle. I think I've developed a fear of heights in my old age. I've remained relatively grounded ever since visiting the Eiffel Tower..