Sunday, November 2, 2008

Where in the World is, SKIDDIES?

You might have noticed. You might be wondering. Why does this seem like "2 Troopin' Travelers" instead of three? Well, Skiddies has been in the field on an extensive assignment. She has been involved in an imbibing expedition in one of Boston's high profile areas, Southie.

Her mission: Scour every bar in the vicinity of South Boston to seek out the best "Beer & Nuts" combo.

When asked about her rather involved task, her reply:

"It's ok. I have hunger. And I thirst!"

To this point, we haven't been able to get much more specific information out of agent Skidz. Her last recorded whereabouts was at the "Green Door". I did a little bit of digging, but my research led me down an infinite path. We have reason to believe that this is a code name for one of her many visited establishments. She is believed to travel to each watering hole undercover.. although this cannot be confirmed.

Skiddies Undercover
Stay tuned for future Sundays with Skiddies. Perhaps one of these weeks, we'll actually be able to disclose some of her findings. That is, if we can find said slippery snake.


Meriel said...

I love you Boozanimal!

Lil' Boozie said...

Well, Mer, we just didn't want any particular audience members to be concerned about Skidz's coordinates. She's out there kickin' it somewhere with a smile and an innocent sense of wonder.

Molly said...

The code has been cracked...I am able to report a first hand experience at the "green door" bar (proper name "Coins"): it might possibly be the sketchiest bar in all of South Boston. For those of you who have seen the Scorsese's "The Departed" or Eastwood's "Mystic River", use the bars in those movies as a pretty good benchmark. But seriously, the bartender was super nice in providing us with really cheap drafts of Natty Light.